The Connected Worlds Podcast ep. 2

August 08, 2018
 A discussion between writer/producers Alicia Austen and KM Scott about theme, and how they keep it consistent throughout writing their stories without tearing their hair out. Kev, for one, shaves his head . . . Sounds from
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The Connected Worlds Podcast ep. 1

March 28, 2018
Welcome to our first behind-the-scenes podcast! Listen to episodes of Epic of World Saga here: Be sure to check out Epic of World Saga at:
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From Dust to Dust

March 01, 2018
The intrepid hero Benjamin Banneker II continues his battle against the devious House of Symus. But on his most recent act of noble sabotage, someone stands in his way. Someone cunning, powerful, lethal – and none too happy to see him.
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The Rescue

February 25, 2018
The premier episode of the series puts you, the listener, in a rather uncomfortable place, by some rather unconscionable monsters. Not to worry; a rather uncanny individual comes to render assistance.
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